Halifax – part 2

17th September 2014

Halifax – Nova Scotia…..did I say I love this place?

 Day 2…..We weren’t actually supposed to spend the night here in Halifax, but because the only pilot at Shelburne is on sick leave our captain had decided to stay put and miss out today’s intended port of call (health and safety again) But we only have until 11.30 am so we skip breakfast and run ashore (we like showing off our athletic abilities)

We take off on a serious hike around Point Pleasant to clear the cobwebs (and the alcohol induced haze from yesterday) This park on the far side of the estuary is as a really interesting place with many things to explore, like the ruins of forts and bunkers, wildlife and of course the locals, who also appear to enjoy showing off their athletic prowess. There are masses of joggers of all shapes and all sizes, but strangely all the females are young, petite and glide effortlessly around in their colourful lycra. The men however are all middle aged, rather portly and lumber around leaden footed in sweat stained football shirts and baggy shorts. It took me ages to work out who was trying to impress who, but in the end I had to admit that I found it was the highly coloured, effortless displays from the females that were the most enticing (and who wouldn’t?)

Time for some souvenir shopping and a final amble along the boardwalk before heading back to the ship to wave a reluctant goodbye to this wonderful city.  Once again we were happy to return to Halifax and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Here to the next time……………


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