Busy Busy Bahamas

24th November 2014

Nassau Bahamas


Hmm…not sure what to say…so maybe I won’t say too much.

This port is exceptionally popular with the cruise ships and today we’re the smallest of five floating hotels which are jostling for position along the harbour. So this is a very busy commercial town and most people seem to head off across the bridge to Paradise Island to spend the day on the incredible beaches that are available on the far side of the island.

I’m not saying it’s not a nice place…it’s just not my cup of tea…sorry.

At least the weather was good so we had the chance of a nice long stroll, and I hear the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo are well worth a visit (catch the number 10 bus)

We enjoyed a nice snack lunch at the Conch n Kalik (great conch fritters and chicken wings) followed by some shop browsing before returning to the ship.

P1030818It was nice to see the police in their white uniforms and pith helmets, very smart.

We had a nice day here but sooooooo many people around (including us of course)


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