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The Other Side of Me…

Jamie Gray Writes

When I’d started to think about an appropriate title for my first book I remembered that some months previous I’d started penning the lyrics for a song. I had this romantic notion that having worked in musical theatre for many years I could write a script about the possible ‘goings on’ backstage between members of the cast and crew (and before anyone gets the wrong idea this was all in my imagination of course, and not based on anything that actually occurred)

Briefly, the backstory to the song went something like this…an aging West End Headliner no longer finds himself wanted by producers for any of their latest shows. His partner of many years, a girl from the chorus line, who with his help had made it to principle, no longer saw him as useful…she too no longer wanted him.

He takes a job as the Stage Manager of a…

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Dancing Bear

Jamie Gray Writes

I would like to explain the reason for my title page containing a picture of a ‘Dancing Bear’.

It was during a trip to Canada that I first came across these incredibly skillful carvings, and I was so fascinated by the story behind them I just had to get one. For me the sculpture I bought fills me with happiness and I find it inspiring…no matter the situation I’m in, it can always raise a smile.

There are several different explanations of the story behind these carvings, and I’m sure someone will put me right on this, but the version I was told by one of the sculptors is the one that captured my imagination and truly explains the joy I see them, and probably the explanation I want to believe is true.

“The Inuits are great hunters, and we believe that if you’ve lived a good life and have…

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