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Cafe Corner (set 10182) part two…the middle section.

When I first built this section everything was correct as per the original parts list, but as can be seen in the photograph I have replaced the 20 white panels (2362) which make up the windows with the alternative panel which has side supports (87544) The original parts will appear in the build later.

So with this section built I immediately set about sourcing the additional parts needed to add an extension to match the base (previous post) and design the interior for the hotel reception/lounge area.

And here it is.

The theme for the interior is Scottish Castle/Country House with its purple and medium blue tartan carpet (well as close as I could get it) The walls display armoury and weapons with a modern bar to serve those all important ‘drams’ of whisky. A door leads out to a roof terrace (over the kitchen)

All parts are per the original inventory, except for the window panels which are the cheaper 87544 part (the originals will turn up eventually…I promise)

I have to say the interior took some time and gave me several hours of fun in the process…but now we need some bedrooms.

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